Telos to Mentawais

We stayed at the same anchorage in the Batu islands from 8/3-8/5, surfing the right hand point break that was just a short paddle from the boat. It never got big, the swell has still been tiny for this time of year in Western Sumatra, but it was still a really fun wave and the most hollow one weve surfed yet. The only other notable thing that happened during these two days is that we bought a lot of coconuts. Local kids would come up to our boat in outrigger canoes and offer fresh green coconuts. We started out paying about $.70 each and by the end were paying $.20 each, we bought a total of about 30. They’re full of delicious water that makes for the perfect after surf hydration and the flesh is really tasty too. We go through about 8/day though so well need to find more soon.

On the evening of 8/5 we set out for Silabu on Pagai Utara in the southern Mentawais. This is a 36-hour trip so we should arrive on the morning of the 7th. These islands are the most famous surf destination in Sumatra, which also means they have the most authorities and biggest crowds (neither of which were fans of). Our main priority is to buy more fuel, but were going to spend a couple days there and try to score some waves away from the crowds. This will be our last stop before heading down to the southern tip of mainland Sumatra where were planning to catch the next big swell that is scheduled to arrive on 8/11. There are tons of surf spots down there and hopefully not many people.

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