Setting Sail

Today we’re raising anchor and setting out to sea for the first time. We’ve spent the last week in Langkawi provisioning and waiting for deliveries. We’ve had some fun nights and good team bonding but we’re all very anxious to blow this stand. We have a boisterous bunch who all enjoy a few drinks and laughs so I have no doubt the good times we’ve had over the past few days are the first of many.


(from left) Nigel, Moy (bartender, not crew), me, Annie, Jesse

The provisioning was a lot of work but everyone got down to business and we got it done pretty quick. This island is duty free and we’re going to be in very remote places for the next 5 months, so we stocked enough food and liquor to last us until November. 

some food before stowage



Along with a ton of alcohol and food, we also picked up a new crew member; meet Salty.thumb_IMG_2097_1024

Destination and Course

We’re going to be going directly into a strong headwind as we sail across the Strait of Malacca and around the northern tip of Sumatra. It will probably take about two days to beat up to Bandah Aceh on the tip of Sumatra, and those will likely be pretty rough days. After we pass around to the west side of Sumatra the wind should be pretty light and we’ll probably do some motoring, eventually ending up around Simeulue. From there we’ll be sailing down through the Banyak Islands, Nias, Telos Islands, and eventually the Mentawais. This string of islands is known to be secluded, pristine, and house some of the best breaks in the world.

We have about 600 miles of open ocean in front of us until we reach western Sumatra, may Poseidon be with us!

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