Pig Island

Next anchored for a night off a small uninhabited island between Simeulue and Palau Babi (Pig Island)for a Jesses birthday celebration. The reef here was nice and the water was super clear, and I speared my first fish with the new gun. It was a snapper and everyone was pretty excited to have fresh meat for the first time in a couple weeks. That evening we built a fire on the beach, wrapped a bunch of food in tin foil, and cracked open a 5-liter bag of wine. The celebration was going well until we all got swarmed with sand flies and were forced to head back to the boat to continue the party. One more memorable thing about this island was the fresh water spring, which afforded us all our first shower in about 10 days. The next morning we were all extremely hung over but still managed to wake up early and head toward Palau Babi. On the way there we came across a charter surf boat called Pulse. Jesse had done some carpentry work on that boat in Bali the previous year so he knew the captain and crew, and we followed them a really fun break called Fun Bags. They had a boat full of Kiwi guys and they invited us over that night for cold beers. It was the first cold beverages we had had since we set sail, and they went down as easy as a hot knife through butter. We stayed here for another day surfing and spear fishing. The waves were great and even sharing them with the 10 Kiwi guys I got more than I could count. I also speared a big snapper and Jesse speared a jack, which was much tastier than the snapper (Ill upload photos when I get somewhere with internet). We spent the next night anchored on a different part of Babi where there is a fresh water spring that we used to top off our water supply. The process involved filling 5-gallon jugs from the spring, lugging them across the beach to the dingy, then ferrying them back to the boat. As they say, its not all margaritas and sunsets. Today were heading to Treasure Island, an area of the Banyak islands thats famous for its abundance of waves. Posted from aboard the Obelisk using SailMail. ————————————————- Do not push the “reply” button to respond to this message if that includes the text of this original message in your response. Messages are sent over a very low-speed radio link. The most concise way to reply is to send a NEW message to: WDE6544@sailmail.com If you DO use your reply button, be sure to delete the original message text and these instructions from your reply. Replies should not contain attachments and should be less than 5 kBytes (2 text pages) in length. This email was delivered by an HF private coast station in the Maritime Mobile Radio Service, operated by the SailMail Association, a non-profit association of yacht owners. For more information on this service or on the SailMail Association, please see the web site at: http://www.sailmail.com

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