Passage Poem



The canvas is vast, deep, and blue

Often the same, but often brand new

Cool air broken by warm ocean spray

A wild chariot, a runaway sleigh


The rhythm is rife with motion and sway

At times there is business at times there is play

Battering through the deep gray field

Until the destination she will not yield


Progress is measured by each earned knot

Dinner consists of cans in a pot

Often things work, sometimes they break

When captains up the mast, care we must take


The watch is side, fore, and hind

The elements are always on the mind

A crew of souls on a journey so rare

The objects are different but the vessel they share


When the anchor drops the drinks flow

These sailors can put on quite a show

Cruising the anchorage like goons in the night

Giving the Frenchies quite a fright


In Rodrigues our paths will split

But it’s been a journey we will not soon forget