Panaitan Island

The morning after seeing the tigers we sailed to Panaitan island, an uninhabited island and national park in the Sunda Straights (between Sumatra and Java). We arrived there in the evening and found a very nice anchorage with a couple other cruisers, the first ones wed seen in over a month, as well as a couple of charter surf boats.

In the morning we motored around looking for surf, eventually surfing a spot called Napalms. The swell wasnt really big enough for the reef but the wave was fast, hollow, and extremely shallow. We met a group of 3 Argentinean guys who had bought a sail boat in Australia and were sailing up the way we had just come, we told them they had to go check out the tigers. In the afternoon we did some spearfishing and I got a silver and yellow predatory fish. Not sure what the type but it was delicious.



When we anchored again for the evening we socialized a bit with the other boats. There were two aluminum sail boats, each with 2 French people on board. One was a couple and one was a father and son and they were sailing together to Cocos and then on along the same route as us. They were super friendly and well definitely be seeing more of them. The other was a small motor boat that a group of friends were doing a 2-week surf and dive trip with. We drank the last of our cold beers, swung the boom out to port, and took turns doing dives off it in to the cool blue water. We had a blast and it turned in to a bit of a wild night. In the morning we were planning to sail to Krakatoa, which when it erupted in 1883 was the most powerful explosion ever recorded on Earth.

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