New Crew Member

The Obelisk has added a fifth crew member, and she’s the cutest of us all. Her name is Salty.



We were all having a late night dinner at a streetside Chinese restaurant when a cat came up to our table and started begging for fish. Jesse had mentioned a few times that he’s not against having a cat on board, but that it would have to find us (and not the other way around). We immediately started joking around that this cat had found us, and by the time we left the restaurant Salty was in tow.

She’s super comfortable on the water and didn’t even get panicky when we were riding back out to the boat on the dinghy. We setup a makeshift litter box with some sand from the beach, but she still took her first shit in captain Jesse’s bed.



The next morning after we brought her on board we noticed that while most of her body is really skinny, she has a pretty plump midsection. We did some googling on how to tell if a cat is pregnant and she met most of the signs; it looks like we’ll be having kittens on board as well. Not sure how all of that will go, but it will certainly be interesting.

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