Bali Part 2

After Lars and Kinsey left I had about a week beforeĀ I needed to leave to Malaysia to meet up with Obelisk. I had originally decided to go explore Lombok, but I had made some friends I wanted to go back and visit so I returned up to Balian for a few days of hanging out and surfing. After that I went back down to Canggu for my last few days in Bali. The waves were pretty lousy but I met some cool Americans, some of how were living in Canggu and some of who were traveling, and I hung out and partied with them for my last couple nights.



It was a pretty low-key week but I was sad to leave Bali. It’s beautiful, has super warm and welcoming people, is extremely affordable, and the waves are world class. No doubt I’ll be back here at some point.

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